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Three-dimensional color prints are color photos printed on paper, and totally different from Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos, which have superior durability.

However, unlike ordinary full-color photographs, a thick clear and glossy varnish is applied to the color print. This varnish creates the same effects as those of a Millennium Photo, reflecting light in a different way depending on the incoming light and the angle from which the image is viewed, to create full-color prints with an unprecedented three-dimensional feel (US patent currently pending).

Three-dimensional color prints can be applied not only to photographs but also to various different types of visuals such as computer graphics, illustrations, drawings, maps, shapes and logotypes.

The durability of Three-dimensional color prints is similar to that of general printing material. Since the thick varnish is not completely transparent but has a slight yellow color; the white color of the paper looks slightly yellow.

Three-dimensional color prints are suitable for items of a single sheet such as cards, flyers and posters. They can also be used for book designs, such as book covers, and product packaging.

Due to the thickness of Three-dimensional color prints, this method is not suitable for items with pages requiring folding processing. In principle, our metal products are only produced in a small quantity for each order for a single product; however, we accept orders for Three-dimensional color prints only in units of lots of multiple sheets, in the same way as general printing. We normally accept orders in units of 100 sheets. An order can be placed for one single sheet; however, due to plate-making costs, such orders will be extremely expensive. For details please ask us.

Three-dimensional color prints mainly involves printing paper; therefore, this is not suitable for bending processing, which can be used for stainless steel plates. Due to this reason, it is difficult to create in the double-sided J-shaped type or single-sided J-shaped type, and most Three-dimensional color print products are small card-type ones, such as business cards and postcards, or large single-sheet products, such as posters.