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A black margin is another option for creating edges around photos of Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos.

The circumference of the image will be glossy black with fine hairline finishing. A highly dark deep black is used; therefore, it emphasizes the image. Since a black margin uses hairlines, it has little background reflection and shows a calm and relaxing picture. A black margin gives a more calm and relaxed impression than a gradation margin. Black margins give a stronger impression particularly with bright images (having many white parts overall).

A black margin is suitable for images to be placed at offices, public spaces and rooms with strong colors. However, an overall black margin gives a dark impression; therefore, we recommend a gradation margin or pattern margin if you would like to use our products for a private living space or would like to have a product with bright finishing.

A black margin can be combined with the following types:

The flat type, the double-sided J-shaped type, the single-sided J-shaped type, the double-sided J-shaped frame type, the floating type, the tabletop type and the card type.