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Quick info on the run

Stainless Photos are available at lower prices than Millennium Photos.

Within our product range, Stainless Photos suit the greatest range of customer needs, and can be made in various sizes and shapes.

In the same way as with Millennium Photos, they use highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

However, they differ from Millennium Photos in that Stainless Photos have straight parallel lines engraved on them, and they do not have the three-dimensional effects which Millennium Photos have.

Since Stainless Photos have more natural images than Millennium Photos, they are suitable for those who feel that Millennium Photos give too strong an impression.

Since Stainless Photos use thinner lines than do Millennium Photos, the reproduced details of Stainless Photos are more precise than on Millennium Photos.

Stainless Photos are more suitable than Millennium Photos for purposes which do not require a three-dimensional feel, such as group photos and landscape photos. Stainless Photos are also suitable for works with small images such as business cards. With our patented technology (Japanese patents registered, US patents pending), Stainless Photos can reproduce bright and dark parts as close to the original photo as possible, with high contrast. They have a high quality not found in other products, due to their engraving of parallel lines.

Stainless Photos normally use a line pitch of 0.28mm to 0.5mm (approximately 0.2mm wide on average) to express darkness and brightness. Stainless Photos can also use dot aggregations to reproduce photos in the same way as photo printing on paper. However, dot aggregations make images appear similar to those found in newspapers, due to the dots being coarser than those used the general printing. Both bright and dark parts of the photos have lower quality through dot aggregations, so we do not recommend this unless it is particularly requested.

Photos can be processed in all of the following types:

Flat type, white frame type, double-sided J-shaped type, single-sided J-shaped type, double-sided J-shaped frame type, floating type, tabletop type, and the card type.

Further, the number of days for delivery can be 3 to 5 business days less than for Millennium Photos, and Stainless Photos are recommended for those who would like to receive their product quickly.

Unlike with a Millennium Photo, it is possible to change the photo in a Stainless Photo at the stage of checking the finishing paper sample.

Moreover, even a significant change to the photo size during processing will not require a cancellation, except for specially-ordered products (however, if the external dimensions are changed, this may incur additional costs). If you cannot determine the size without seeing a finishing paper sample first, we recommend a Stainless Photo rather than a Millennium Photo product.

Dot-type Stainless Photo image

Diagonal enlarged view of dot-type Stainless Photo image