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Quick info on the run

Since Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos only reproduce brightness or darkness, they are not full-color images. In order to meet requests from customers who would like to keep full-color photos for a long period of time we can now offer stainless color photos.

We use extremely robust colors, and therefore, images on stainless color photos are significantly more durable than those on existing full-color prints or inkjet prints. These will almost never discover and will retain their colors when kept indoors. Colors are processed through high-temperature burning; therefore, they will never peel, unlike painted colors.

Stainless color photos are not 100% stainless. A ceramic layer is burned on the surface, onto which metallic pigments are burnt. The ceramic layer is hard but fragile, and can crack or chip if subjected to a strong shock.

Stainless color photos are not photo metal engravings, but have a flat surface. Therefore, they did not have the shining three-dimensional feel of Millennium Photos. Imagining an ordinary full-color photo burned onto a flat surface gives you good idea of stainless color photos.

Details of photos are reproduced better in stainless color photos than in Millennium Photos or Stainless Photos. Due to this, they are recommended for small size images.

The colors in stainless color photos are slightly dull, and they cannot achieve vivid colors as on inkjet prints and computer screens. They have soft and familiar colors in the same way as old photographs developed from negatives.

Color tones on stainless color photos are not reproduced as faithfully as those in general photographs. Colors may be slightly changed, or, depending on the conditions, the color reproduction may also change. We do not recommend stainless color photos if you want highly accurate color reproduction.

Due to this, customers are requested to check only the layout and details of text in the finishing samples. Please note that the color tones in the sample will differ from those in the final product.

Stainless color photos have a glossy surface.

In stainless color photos, glass materials are coated on stainless steel to create a vitreous enamel layer, after which color pigments are burnt onto it; however, this surface processing may peel off if the product is subjected to a strong force, or if it is left outdoors for a long period of time.

Stainless color photos are less durable than Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos, and are suitable for short-term usage from several years to a decade. We do not recommend stainless color photos to be used for longer than this.

The above processing may generate unevenness or foaming on the base layer of the image. Please note that this cannot be avoided due to the process involving burning using heat. It takes approximately 2 months for the product to be delivered.

The following types are available:

Flat type, double-sided J-shaped type, single-sided J-shaped type, double-sided J-shaped frame type, floating type, tabletop type