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Brass photo technology is currently under development.
Please check back once we start selling these products.

Brass photos are Millennium Photos with patina finishing, which apply an innovative that if idea which prevents rust by using rust itself.

They intentionally apply patina to the service of brass. Patina creates a barrier to prevent rust from developing further. Brass photos will last for almost forever if kept indoors.

Copper alloy products such as the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Buddha statue in Kamakura in Japan and other bronze statues throughout the world exposed to rain will last several hundred years even if kept outdoors. The reason for this is because the patina forms a protective layer.

A clear coat finishing, through which synthetic resin is coated on brass, and a base finishing through which the brass plate is left as it is to let it gradually rust, are available.

The lifetime varies depending on the condition of use. These products can be kept almost permanently indoors; however, they may develop peeling if kept outdoors, depending on the environment of the location where they are placed.

For details of brass and the duration of brass products, please see here.