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Gradation margin

Black margin Pattern margin Cut-off Photo background pattern
Quick info on the run

This is a method of processing by creating edges around the images of Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos.

The circumference of the image is white, from which the color gradually turns into gray, and eventually becomes almost black towards the end.

When looking at the product on a wall, since the color gradually changes from black to white, the focus naturally turns to the image in the center. The image appears to be raised in its center, like on a plateau.

For fixation with bolts, since bolts are separated from the screen and margins work as a visual buffer, the non-organic impression of bolts can be weakened with a gradation margin compared to cut-off, which has no margins.

Gradations are drawn using parallel straight lines going outward from the image. Gradations can be drawn using other patterns, selected letters, words and texts. Please ask us if you would like to know more about gradation.

Gradation can be combined with the following types:

The flat type, the double-sided J-shaped type, the single-sided J-shaped type, the double-sided J-shaped frame type, the floating type, the tabletop type and the card type.

If you would like to have white edges like general photographs, please select the white frame type.